The new vehicles, produced by the renowned automotive company Man, are 18-meter articulated buses of the Lion’s City 19C model, compliant with the Euro 6E standard and powered by diesel for the extraurban service. Of these, 6 are already in operation on the roads of the province, with an additional 7 to be added in July, configured for the urban service in Verona and powered by natural gas.

The new buses are equipped with new features that will ensure a comfortable and safe travel experience. They can accommodate up to 157 passengers for the extraurban service and 164 for the urban service, providing ample interior space for passengers.

The buses are equipped with large internal displays, internal and external video surveillance for increased security, and wheelchair access platforms with sufficient space for safe maneuvering. The interiors have been carefully designed with high-quality finishes and furnishings. This new fleet of 18 buses will further contribute to reducing emissions from ATV’s public transportation company, which has already extensively adopted methane as a fuel in urban areas. The wheelchair access platforms will improve the accessibility of public transportation in Verona and the province, facilitating the mobility of people with disabilities.

The arrival of these new vehicles is just one of the many updates in the past two years for ATV. On May 31st, ATV had introduced the first 11 electric buses for the urban service, a crucial step in the fleet renewal process, which will see the arrival of approximately 30 new electric vehicles in the next two years.

Overall, the investment plan for the 2022-2023 period includes the introduction of 81 new buses of various types, both for urban and extraurban services, including the first 36 methane-powered buses for the extraurban service. ATV is investing a total of €23.2 million to improve the quality of public transportation in the region.