Isola della Scala is about to reclaim the spotlight in the Veronese culinary tradition. The countdown to Fiera del Bollito con la Pearà (Pearà’s Boiled Meat Fair) has begun. For its 21st edition, the festival, which highlights popular meals produced with the best local products, will cut the ribbon on November 9. Just in time for the start of fall, the market will feature the season’s most popular dishes, such as boiled pork with pearà, the unfailing protagonist, cotechino, tripe, polenta, and cod, as well as the ageless risotto all’isolana. Until November 26, the Palariso will host one of the province’s most popular events.

The menu on fair days

On alternate days, boiled meats with pearà, risotto all’isolana, and other first or second courses are offered for lunch on weekdays. However, all of the food stands will be open every evening and all day Sunday, serving the complete menu. A preview dinner will be held on September 23 in the Rice Fair restaurant, Taste of Eart, to allow visitors to try some of the food before the fair begins.

The history of Veronese dishes

While we now dedicate an entire fair to mixed-boiled meat, things were different in the past. Mixed boiling meat was considered a poor dish, as it was the only way to use bones and bad cuts of meat like calf’s head, trotter, tongue, and tail, or even old hen. It is now paired with various cuts of beef, ensuring the proper balance of lean and fat, as well as tenderness and texture.

The boiled beef is then coupled with pearà, a classic Veronese dish that has inspired a legend. The story blends together history, fiction, and cuisine to create the legend of Alboin, King of the Lombards. According to folklore, after marrying Rosmunda, Alboin killed her father, Cunimondo, in battle. The woman, haunted by the tragedy, was determined to starve herself to death. As a result, the royal cook created a sauce that was both nourishing and delicious, allowing Rosmunda to regain her strength; that sauce was pearà.

Fiera del Bollito’s useful informations

The fair will be held at the Palariso in Isola della Scala (Via Parco del Riso, 1) from November 9 to 26. Admission is free, and parking is charged. On weekdays, the fair is open from 12:00 to 14.30 and from 18.30 to 23.00; on Saturday, from 12.00 to 15.00 and from 18.30 to 23.00; and on Sunday, from 11.30 to 15.30 and from 18.00 to 22.00. More informations HERE.