The 55th edition of the Isola della Scala Fiera del Risowill run until 8 October with meetings, workshops, and many activities. Almost a month of food stands to present the excellence of the Veronese territory with an international flavour. This edition’s guest of honour is India. A hundred types of risotto will be served.

isola della scala

The Fiera del Riso is Europe’s largest single-product event, second only to Munich’s OktoberFest in terms of attendance. Last year, more than 500,000 dishes were served for a hundred variations on the main product of the Italian culinary tradition at this annual fair: risotto cooked with one of the most prized rice varieties, Vialone Nano.

As for the thematic dinners at the restaurant inside the trade fair, our editorial staff participated in the evening dedicated to Verona’s Slow Food presidia, niche foods that give the area a strong identity, some of which are at risk of extinction. Such as the melo decio or the misso pear (about 200 trees left), true gems of Verona cuisine.

Slow Food is an international movement committed to promoting the right to pleasure and good, clean, and fair food for all. During the evening hosted within the Isola della Scala Rice Fair, the Slow Food Verona board, led by newly appointed president Roberto Covallero, proposed a traditional dinner with real niche products, such as salami from the small village of Brenton or evergreen dishes of Veneto culture, such as risotto with radicchio and tastasal. All narrated directly by the producers.

The Slow Food presidia of Verona are: broccoletto di Custoza, the Belfiore decio apple tree, the Veronese stortina salami, the Lessinia misso pear, and the brogna sheep.

Slow Food Verona board

The next dates at the restaurant Taste of Earth inside the fair, with table service, can be booked through the website (HERE the link):

Fair preview evening of boiled meats with pearà sauce (23 September). Typical Veronese dishes that adorn tables on Sundays.

Riso in rosa, female chefs grappling with great risottos from the plains (27 September). Female chefs put themselves to the test with the rice from the rice roads of the Po Valley (Mortara Rice Road, Vercelli Rice Road, Mantua Rice Road, Isola della Scala Rice Road). An evening organized by Natalia Bobba, president of the Donne&Riso association.

La sfida delle strade del riso, The challenge of the rice roads (28 September). Challenge among the rice roads of the Po Valley for the best-cooked risotto. During the event, the popular jury will be called upon to declare the winner following the tasting. Wines from Verona and Mantua.