Drinking sustainably while avoiding unnecessary and wasteful wastage. Offering citizens quality, safe and controlled water with the opportunity of significant cost savings. These are some of the advantages of the Casa dell’Acqua, Water House, inaugurated on Tuesday morning in Piazzale Olimpia, in the Stadium area in Verona. An initiative that will also enable Verona families to save an estimated several hundred euro a year. The distributor, directly connected to the aqueduct network, has technologically advanced structural features capable of delivering smooth, room-temperature, chilled and sparkling water that is constantly controlled and monitored, and therefore absolutely safe.

How does it work?
The facility will be operational 24 hours a day. The selling price to the public is only 5 eurocents per litre for still chilled water and 7 eurocents per litre for sparkling and lightly carbonated water. The maintenance company will in fact guarantee continuous checks and controls on the structure and its correct functioning, periodically checking and sanitising the system and all its components.

There are two possible methods of payment: with coins or with a rechargeable card, which can be purchased at the tobacconist’s-newsagent’s located in Via Longhena and easily recharged at the same machine. Once the credit has been inserted, simply press the button for the desired type of water.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by Roberto Mantovanelli, president of Acque Veronesi; Tommaso Ferrari, Councillor for the Environment, Federico Benini, Councillor for Roads and Gardens and Street Furniture of the Municipality of Verona, and the president of the Third District of the city, Riccardo Olivieri.