Verona is increasingly an attractive territory for immigrants who want to do business. Verona is the first province in the entire Veneto region with 14.261 non-native entrepreneurs. Practically one fifth of all those in the region and 10% of the total number of entrepreneurs in the Verona area.

If we look at predominantly foreign-run companies, there are 10.608 in Verona, 12.5% of the total, up 3% in twelve months. The reasons for this supremacy may include both the attractiveness of the area and the quality of life for creating or living with a family.

It is the Leone Moressa Foundation that has photographed the situation as at the third quarter of 2023 on the basis of data from the Chambers of Commerce. In Verona, among immigrant entrepreneurs, those from Romania prevail, accounting for 15% of the total. They are followed by Morocco (11%), China (9%), Albania (6%) and Brazil (5%). Looking at the entire region, it is China that plays the lion’s share with 14%, the first country of origin of immigrant entrepreneurs in five out of seven provinces. This is followed by Romania (11%), Morocco (8%), Albania (7%) and Switzerland (6%).

As for sectors, immigrant entrepreneurs in Veneto are mainly involved in trade, services and construction: these three sectors together account for 70%. While the average incidence of immigrant entrepreneurs is 10%, the highest values are reached in Construction (18%) and Catering (17.4%). Very low, on the other hand, is the presence in Agriculture (3.2%), a sector that instead has a strong presence of immigrants as employees.