Known for composing and performing the soundtrack to Pieraccioni’s film “Un fantastico via vai!”, Colore has released his new album, 113, which consists of 10 tracks connected by the search for the ordinary. 113 is an acoustic guitar-only album with a modern sound but a vintage flavor—a beautiful combination of past and present. The Veronese artist will perform live at the Boca Raton Rock Club in Florida, where he has been living for the past three years, to present his current work. However, an Italian date in his hometown in the summer of 2024 is also planned.

Colore: from the vinyl collection to the Arena di Verona stage

Mattia Pàttano, aka Colore, was born and raised in Verona, surrounded by his parents’ vinyl collection, which ranged from Elvis Presley to Battisti, The Beatles, Dalla, and Adriano Celentano. But he refers to Cocciante as his instructor. “Cocciante taught me so much, especially that music is the result of practice as well as inspiration. Every morning, write something down and do it almost every day. In the morning, the mind is more active, and everything becomes easier—a habit,” he states.

Starting from vinyls in his bedroom, Colore began opening concerts, such as the one in the Arena di Verona for “Conti Panariello Pieraccioni—the show.” He also appears on stage with comedian Pintus for the program Pintus@forum, which aired in prime time on Italia Uno and resulted in a sold-out tour.

113 connects the past and the present

And then there’s 113 on December 1st, 2023. The record was composed “the way I did as a kid,” according to the singer-songwriter. “In six months, I wrote all the songs, arranged them, and recorded the best ten in my studio.” My daughter was a judge, and she was the only one whose musical judgment I took seriously.” This is also where the title 113 comes from, named after the Avenue house number of the studio where it was recorded.

The album also includes two guest appearances: on bass, Ettore Finetto, a well-known Verona wine producer, and a song written by Colore’s brother Ricky Pàttaro, who signed the song Vita Stupiscimi. 113 blends past and present and will not be entirely made of flowing music. Only on live performance evenings numbered physical CDs will be available.