From now on, it will be easier for foreign workers arriving on farms in our province to attend compulsory safety courses. Coldiretti, through its training organisation, managed by the company Impresa Verde Verona srl, has equipped its teachers with multilingual simultaneous translators capable of acting as interpreters in as many as seventy languages. These devices are simple to use: teachers simply record their voices by selecting the language into which they wish to translate. 

The translation is then recorded in written form on the device’s display or transmitted aurally to ensure maximum usability by the pupils. This technology also includes the possibility of translating a written text by simply taking a photo. The devices are equipped with a built-in SIM that can make them work even in the absence of a wi-fi network. Labour regulations require that workers be trained in safety within 60 days of employment.


The multi-ethnic scenario that is often present in the classroom,” says Coldiretti Verona President, Alex Vantini, “has made it necessary to adapt teaching methods to enable all trainees to learn. Technology comes to our aid, enabling us to overcome all language barriers and making lessons simpler and more effective“. From now on, therefore, it will not be so difficult to communicate with people from North Africa, India, Moldova or Romania, who are particularly numerous in our countryside, and to pass on to them the basic concepts of how to work safely in stables and fields, where they often use farm equipment.

In Region Veneto, the foreign component represents 10 percent of the population, without considering the increase due to the entry of seasonal workers through the flow decree: between 2023 and 2025, 452.000 arrivals in Italy are expected.

In the province of Verona, the main regional agricultural area, two-thirds of the foreign employees are concentrated, and this is why Coldiretti has worked to adapt its training offer to the contingent needs of foreigners employed by member farms, both seasonally and with long-term contracts.

Alex Vantini, Coldiretti Verona President