Verona’s new star, which will replace the renowned comet star in Piazza Bra this year, was formally inaugurated on Tuesday, December 12. It will take the place of a masterpiece by Veronese architect Rinaldo Olivieri that collapsed during its removal in January 2023. The new installation, made of metal and LED lights, was turned on while surrounded by a festive atmosphere with traditional Christmas music playing in the background.

The new star. Rainbow or white?

During the day, multiple pictures of the installation appeared on the internet, generating several criticisms due to the star’s appearance as a rainbow. However, these were only tests, and during the inauguration, the star was lit in white.

Photo from Facebook Page Verona Social

The fate of the new star

The installation will be used this year as a replacement for Olivieri’s comet star, which will reportedly return to prominence in Christmas 2024, when it will also celebrate its 40th birthday. The new star will become an itinerant artwork to be placed in Verona’s most iconic spots.