Pandoro is fine and panettone is also fine. During the Christmas holidays, however, Verona’s tables cannot be without Nadalin (also known as El Nadalin), a sweet leavened pastry typical of Verona.

Nadalin can be considered the ancestor of pandoro. In spite of the latter, however, it has a characteristic star shape and the dough, which is very easy to make, is less buttery, but more compact and sweeter, and usually with the addition of pine nuts.

With a very old recipe, it was made to celebrate the first Christmas in the city of Verona under the rule of the Scala family. Crispy on the surface and orange-scented, it is perfect to be enjoyed at the end of a meal, at the end of Christmas lunch, but also at breakfast, to be dunked in a nice cup of hot milk. Price about 30 euro, in almost all Veronese artisan bakeries.