The Sagra di Qualità (quality festival) designation is a national recognition given to regional events that, beyond their clear connection to the territory and specific historical and cultural prerequisites, serve as drivers for mutual enrichment with regional economic initiatives. So, the fact that one of the traditional goods is being recognized is a source of pride for the entire community. And all of these characteristics can be found at the Festa della Verza Moretta (Moretta Cabbage Festival). Therefore, as of this year, there are now three Veronese realities that qualify as Sagra di Qualità: the Festa del Mandorlato in Cologna Veneta and the Sagra dei Bisi in Colognola ai Colli.

The Unpli Veneto Pro Loco gave the Pro Loco of Veronella (City of Verona) the recognition, which honors 64 events all around the peninsula. The Verza Moretta Festival was launched eleven years ago with the goal of promoting the Verza moretta, a signature product of the Veronese region. This DOP cabbage from the Veneto area is the result of meticulous cultivation carried out in accordance with strict guidelines. Because farmers are the ones that give a rustic product life, the process of preparing the soil and fertilizing it is done mechanically and almost primitively, using tools that were common to farmers in the past. Furthermore, the top fertilizers made exclusively of organic origin are used.

What happens during the Festa della Verza Moretta?

The festival typically lasts a few weeks and takes place in November each year. Numerous smaller activities occur throughout the festival, including children’s workshops, seminars, talks, exhibitions, and even sporting competitions. Because of this, Verza Moretta develops into a genuine hub for community gathering that draws tourists from all around Verona and beyond each year. This year, even more attendees are anticipated due to the festival’s status as one of the greatest in Italy.