A performance combining singing, dance, and music from a repertoire that blends modern gospel with the most spiritual roots. The Veneto ensemble “New Generation Gospel Crew,” well-known throughout Italy, will make their Verona debut with a charity event scheduled for February 3 at 8:45 p.m. in the city’s Cathedral.

Admission to the concert is free; however, the audience will be encouraged to make a donation during the evening. This will be used to support the Madrugada Campus (here the site), which is being developed in Guinea-Bissau with the assistance of the Association for Basic Development Collaboration of Guinea-Bissau of Verona (ONLUS). Specifically, the profits will be utilized to acquire a ventilator for the medical clinic’s operating room. In fact, the Madrugada Campus is an ensemble of infrastructure that includes a school hub, a sports hub, a tailoring area, and an agriculture center.

New Generation Gospel Crew’s history

In the context of African-American culture, the term crew refers to a group of people who share a strong musical interest and work together on projects that promote each member’s musical and personal development. The “New Generation” is therefore a “Gospel Crew” aimed at a new musical generation with a defined plan for the spread and re-education of the real gospel, in which music and prayer combine into one emotion.

The crew, led by Federico Fiorentin, was created in Vicenza in 2009, and the present lineup consists of 35 choristers divided into three vocal sections and a band of five musicians—piano, keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums—who accompany each performance live. The choir has received multiple honors, including ten nominations and three prizes from the Gospel Music Awards of Italy. Moreover, they also played in London alongside worldwide musician Tim Hughes at the Step Forward Awards (the United Kingdom’s national Christian and Gospel music awards) at Ruach City Church, Europe’s largest Pentecostal church. They are joined by award-winning John Fisher and the IDMC choir, as well as Lurine Cato, the “queen” of British gospel music.