The legal advice desk in Verona provides a free first consultation with an attorney to explore a variety of legal issues: immigration, tenancy, and labor law are among them. Meetings take place on Tuesday afternoons by appointment only and take place every other week.

By participating in the initiative, attorneys agree to maintain the forensic code of ethics, refrain from taking on new clients, and refuse to accept assignments from people with whom they have had interviews. In addition to providing basic and guiding information about the requirements, expenses, and time of initiating a case, attorneys can help with public defense, legal representation, and alternative dispute resolution approaches.

Citizens residing in the City of Verona can book an appointment regarding the following issues:

  • condominiums and leases
  • real rights and obligations
  • successions
  • family law, separation, and divorce
  • protection of the incapacitated, guardianship, and support administration
  • civil liability
  • labor law
  • commercial law and insolvency proceedings
  • administrative proceedings
  • protection of rights in criminal proceedings
  • foreigners and immigration
  • citizen services managed by the Council of the Bar Association

How can I reserve an appointment at the legal advice desk?

It is necessary to schedule an appointment using the app or by phone. The FilaVia Booking App may be loaded on your tablet or smartphone, and you can also book on your PC by going to To arrange an appointment, first register by selecting “Comune Verona-Stato civile. Via Adigetto 10”, then “Sportello di Prima Consulenza-Avvocati” and filling out the required fields.

As an alternative, you can call 045 2212210 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Dial 1 for reservations, then 9 to talk with the operator and submit the necessary information. When a reservation is made via an app, website, or operator, the system sends an email and a confirmation SMS, including the booking number and the location.

You can only book one appointment. Before scheduling a new appointment, the prior appointment date must have passed by at least six months.