Verona’s traditional carnival floats are now marked with a question mark. The parade, which was scheduled to take place last week, was canceled owing to bad weather, and an alternative date is now being sought so that visitors and residents may enjoy the most colorful event of the year. While Papa del Gnoco awaits news on whether he will be permitted to parade through his city’s streets, another king prepares to enliven it. He is Re del Goto, the mask that represents the city of San Giovanni Lupatoto.

On Saturday, February 17, beginning at 2 p.m., the 46th king of the Veronese municipality will lead inhabitants and visitors in a parade filled with confetti, music, and delicious cuisine for a day of celebration organized by the Lupatoto Carnival Committee. It is an ideal opportunity for families to bring their children and enjoy the festivities, especially since the City of San Giovanni Lupatoto has prohibited the use of foam, eggs, and flour during the parade—in short, anything that can make people messy. Instead, confetti and streamers are permitted. Also prohibited are hammers, rubber clubs, and water cannons. Violators will face a punishment of 25 to 500 euros.