The iconic symbol of Italian street cuisine is L’Antico Vinaio. Prominent globally, it has established sandwich shops in cities like Milano, New York, Los Angeles, Roma, and Las Vegas, and now it’s set to arrive in Romeo and Juliet’s city. The brand’s creator and now loved public figure, Tommaso Mazzanti, made the announcement on Valentine’s Day while kneeling in front of Juliet’s well-known monument. The opening is set for March.

Thus, in a few weeks, the stuffed Tuscan schiacciata—one of the great treasures of Florentine tradition—will call Via Mazzini home. Additionally, there are already anticipated to be significant lines to sample the well-known dish. Just consider that three to four thousand people visit Mazzanti’s sandwich shop in Florence each day.

Antico Vinaio’s Schiacciata

The house sandwich at Antico Vinaio is recognized for being quintessentially Tuscan, as seen by the holes that remain on the surface after cooking. It is also popular for being overflowing with of cheeses, cold meats, and other delicious sauces that are distinctive of Tuscany. Some of the most well-known are “La paradiso,” which consists of mortadella, cream of pistachio, and stracciatella cheese with chopped pistachios; “La tricolore,” which includes of beef carpaccio, cream of pistachio, stracciatella cheese, and chopped hazelnuts; and “Favolosa,” which is made up of sbriciolona salami, cream of pecorino cheese produced by Antico Vinaio, cream of artichokes, and spicy eggplants.