As of 4 March, Scipione, the on-demand evening bus service introduced by ATV Verona (Azienda Trasporti Locale), will kick off the second phase of its service, bringing the convenience of reservations also to the central, southern and eastern areas of the city.

The new phase will replace the traditional lines 91 and 98 in the districts of Santa Lucia, Golosine, Montorio, Borgo Venezia, Borgo S. Croce, Borgo Trieste, and in the central area between Piazza Bra’, San Fermo, Piazza Isolo and Porta Vescovo. This expansion follows the success of the first phase, launched last 15 January, which covered the areas of Avesa and Quinzano, Borgo Milano, Chievo and Stadio.

The Scipione project, implemented in cooperation with the Public Transport Authority and the Municipality of Verona, envisages the gradual extension of the DRT service to the entire network of evening lines by spring. Once the process is complete, lines 90 and 93 will maintain their timetable configuration, but with a frequency increased to 20 minutes.

Massimo Bettarello, president ATV Verona (local transport company)

With this phase, the area of the city centre served by Scipione will expand further, including the San Zeno district and the area between Piazza Bra’, Piazza Isolo and Porta Vescovo, in addition to the areas already covered since January, such as Stazione Porta Nuova, Castelvecchio, Borgo Trento and Ospedale Maggiore. This means that those travelling to or from the suburbs served by Scipione can reach the entire central area with a single run, connecting the hubs of Porta Nuova, San Zeno, Porta Vescovo and Ospedale Maggiore.

Starting from Monday, to use the bus after 8.30 p.m. in the areas previously served by the evening routes 91 and 98, it will be necessary to book the journey via the “Scipione” app (HERE the link for downloading), already successfully used by users of routes 95 and 96 since January. Booking a journey with Scipione is simple: after registering on the app, simply select the time and the departure and arrival points. The app will immediately calculate the optimal route and indicate the arrival time. It is important to remember that Scipione does not offer a door-to-door service and can only be booked between stops already served by the historic lines.

The service operates every evening from 8.30 p.m. to midnight, and bookings can be made from 15 days to 30 minutes before departure. It is also possible to book trips with a predetermined frequency, for example, once a week, for a continuous period.
The ticket for the use of Scipione is the ordinary ticket without any surcharge, corresponding to the urban fare of Verona of 1.50 euros or 2 euros if purchased on board with a credit card or from the driver. All tickets are valid, and can be purchased at ATV ticket offices, on board the bus, in ticket offices, via the Ticket Bus Verona app and Verona city season tickets.