The new method of validating tickets with QRCode, which will gradually replace the classic mechanical validators on ATV buses, went live on Monday 8 April.

The new QR Code tickets are already available at company ticket offices and authorised retailers. The old tickets can be used while stocks last, provided they are manually cancelled. Those who instead wish to continue using the Ticket Bus Verona app can do so as normal.

The new QR Code ticketing system represents a step towards a more modern and efficient service for users, without complications. The way of validation changes: whereas previously tickets were validated mechanically, from now on there will be a gradual switch to QR code ticketing.

Simply bring the ticket close to the new red machine on ATV buses and the ticket will be validated.

It is important to note that during the transitional phase, where mechanical validators are still present, both cancellation methods are alternatives.

There is one more opportunity, which is the possibility of paying by credit card. A convenience that, however, comes at an extra cost of 50 cents, as the normal ticket costs EUR 1.50 while with the card it rises to eur 2. But only for the first three trips. For all subsequent trips, the ticket will normally cost 1.50 euro

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You can activate the service by bringing your card or smartphone close to the reading point and following the instructions displayed on the screen. In order to be able to prove to a possible control that the ticket was purchased with a credit card, simply provide the controller with the last two numbers and he will be able to verify that payment was made.

As far as subscribers are concerned, everything will continue as before, at least until the new variators are activated. For further information and updates, please consult the official ATV Verona website HERE in english version.