Direct, simple and effective communication by young people for young people. For the first time in Verona, high school students have promoted an initiative aimed at increasing information among their peers on the conscious use of scooters.

A short vademecum setting out in ‘simplified’ form the rules and sanctions associated with the use of electric scooters. The Vademecum, graphically designed by class IV G of the Liceo Artistico di Verona, will be sent to all the schools in Verona and the Province, published on the social site of the Consulta Provinciale Studentesca and made available to the Municipality and the local police so that they can use it and disseminate it to the citizens.

Here are the main rules for electric scooters in Verona

Scooter drivers:

  • must be at least 14 years old;
  • must wear an approved protective helmet;
  • must respect and not exceed the permitted speed limit of 20 km/h, and 6 km/h in pedestrian areas;
  • may not carry other persons, objects or animals, tow vehicles, drive animals or be towed by another vehicle;
  • must ride while maintaining an upright position, have free use of their arms and hands and always hold the handlebars with both hands; it is therefore absolutely forbidden to hold a mobile phone when driving
  • they must wear a reflective vest or high-visibility retroreflective braces at night, starting half an hour after sunset and throughout the period of darkness;
  • during low light hours or in case of particular weather conditions, they must turn on their rear and front lights; if the scooter does not have lights, they must drive the vehicle by hand
  • may not park on pavements or freely in the street, but only in designated areas
  • may not drive in double file, but only in single file on the right side of the road

Scooters may circulate:

  1. on urban roads, but only on roads with a speed limit of 50 km/h
  2. in pedestrian areas with a maximum speed limit of 6 km/h
  3. on pedestrian and cycle paths
  4. on bicycle lanes and paths and wherever bicycle traffic is permitted
  5. at night or in cases of poor visibility they may only circulate if they are equipped with a fixed white light at the front and a fixed red light at the rear, both switched on.

Electric scooters may NOT circulate:

  1. on extra-urban roads and urban roads with a speed limit exceeding 50 km/h;
  2. on pavements, where only hand riding is permitted;
  3. on the wrong side of the road, except on roads with two-way cycle lanes.


  • payment of a sum of 50 to 250 euros for all violations of the above rules, except for parking rules
  • payment of a sum of 41 to 168 euros for violation of the parking rule;
  • payment of a sum of 100 to 400 euros for riding a scooter with technical requirements other than those required by law