Another edition of Film Festival VGML, acronym of Verona Green Movie Land. The large container that creates Festival and incorporates historical events and that, for years, have bring the culture of film and social inclusion together with environmental awareness. And in terms of social inclusion, VGML also this year will project all films in original language with Italian subtitles. A choice that wants to make accessible the festival to everyone, from Veronese people to tourists.  

A project spread throughout Verona and made possible thanks to the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Verona and others important supporters. Also, the second edition, scheduled from May to October 2023, will touch all six macro-areas of Verona proposing to the citizens (many will be free admission) several initiatives in the name of cinema and culture, as a driving force for widespread and quality tourism.  

The areas involved, each with its own VGML festival, will be: Verona city (Teodorico Summer Fest), Lessinia (Film Festival della Lessinia), Lake Garda (Bardolino Film Festival), Valpolicella (Valpolicella Film Festival), Pianura dei Dogi (Legnago Film Festival), Soave ed Est Veronese (Soave Film Festival). Among the novelties of the second edition, the inclusion in the program of the Believe Festival and the collaboration with Plastic Free for the management of the traveling green corner.  

The VGML project is sponsored by Unicef and the organization adheres to the Stop Climate Change awareness protocol, sponsored by the Ministry for Ecological Transition.  

The project has different souls. The most significant one remains Verona Green Movie Festival, that is the coordination and promotion, within an integrated program, of the various film festivals organized according to the principles of sustainability and social responsibility. All this is defined according to the Green Festival Guide drawn up by AFIC (Associazione Festival Italiani di Cinema), an operational text that contains good practices for a greener cinema. Others relevant elements will be the “Contest”, the “Academy” and the “Event”, with round tables, in-depth meetings, visits and conferences dealing with the theme of sustainability, film culture and the territory. 

VGML will find its maximum expression in the evening of Verona Green Movie Award when on October 28 the “Romeo and Juliet Green Planet Awards” will be delivered, that is the prizes to actors, producers and films that will best interpret the themes of the project. «Cinema is confirmed as an important driver for the cultural, tourist and economic promotion of the Verona area», the words of the president, Renato Cremonesi. «Cinematographic art has an extraordinary ability to involve, excite, stimulate in the public conscious and responsible choices for our planet, showing and promoting fairer and more sustainable development models».  

To echo the words of Alessandro Anderloni, artistic director VGML: «Verona has an international vocation and with this project the city looks at the world. Six, plus two, thematic film festivals in an entire province are a unique challenge on the national scene. Also, this year we will present a selection of feature films, documentaries and animations, first visions, vintage films and special events. The mountains, the plain, the valleys, the lake and the city will prove once again that they can work together, for a project that gives Verona a vision of the future». Enthusiasm for the initiative also underlined by the words of Riccardo Borghero, General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of Verona, «The organizers of the Verona Green Movie Land have put on the ground an effective enhancement and sustainable promotion of the material and intangible cultural offer of Verona, also in key to the growth of the tourism economy. For this reason, the Chamber of Commerce has co-financed the initiative, also with the aim of redistributing tourist flows on the territory from the two main destinations Lake Garda Veneto and Verona to the other four, no less important, Valpolicella, Lessinia, Soave Est Veronese and Pianura dei Dogi. An activity carried out by the Dvg Foundation, the foundation for the promotion and coordination of tourist facilities in the province of Verona».  

The first Festival of the seven scheduled is Soave Cinema Festival, which will come to life from 11 to 14 May with screenings in the “most beautiful village in Italy”.  Free entry.

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