Friulian food and wine get out from kitchens and cellars to become the star of a dinner show in Capriva del Friuli’s secular park:the Castle of Spessa. The legendary Dinner Show will be staged by the Consorzio Friuli Venezia Giulia Via dei Sapori on Wednesday, July 5 to demonstrate the excellence of Friulian tradition. There will be 21 stages where restaurateurs will cook live new dishes paired with wine, as well as reinterpretations of classic summer desserts. There will be also other suggestions for tasting coffee and spirits.  

A fabulous location that will host the Dinner Show on July 5. The Castle of Spessa, which stands in the heart of Colle Goriziano in Capriva del Friuli, is entirely immersed in the estate’s green vineyards. Its historic park is linked to illustrious guests such as Giacomo Casanova, to whom the romantic literary walk on the writer’s verses was dedicated. In the green of the estate, which is today an elegant resort, there are also the 18 holes of the Golf Country Club and underground is excavated the oldest and most spectacular cellar of the Collio, where its finest wines age. The Vinum Spa, a well-being sanctuary dedicated to vinotherapy, was also built in the former stables, and all its therapies are based on grapes and their derivatives.    

The consortium’s 18 artisans will greet guests in this stunning location by providing their local products for the en plein air dinner. In fact, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Via dei Sapori consortium brings together, in addition to artisans, 21 restaurateurs and 22 Friulian winegrowers guided by Walter Filiputti and united by a shared goal to improve the territory and its values. The journey of taste will begin after the greeting. There will be 21 stages where each restaurant, accompanied by a winemaker, will demonstrate their gastronomic suggestions paired with some of the region’s best wines. Participants can then observe the preparation of the dishes as they take part in the voyage that explores the curiosities of Friulian food and wine, as told directly by chefs and winemakers. At the end of the evening, there will be kiosks for coffee and spirits, as well as personal interpretations of summer desserts.   

Sixty artisans, restaurateurs, and winegrowers will be the protagonists who will offer a menu full of proposals of all kinds, many even gluten-free. Among the dishes: the maritozzo salato and the goose in Kren sauce, proposed by the Osteria Contemporanea in combination with the Collio Bianco Athena of the Picech Roberto winery, the Mitteleuropean deer (gluten-free) proposed by the restaurant Al Paradiso accompanied by the Zidarich’s wines Vitovska and Doc Carso, and the rabbit roll with herbs lacquered to Friulano of the Udinese restaurant Carnia, combined with two wines of the company Vistorta Conte Brandolini D’Adda treanni: the Rosso Biologico and the IGT Venezia Giulia. There will also be gastronomic excellences proposed by artisans such as the San Daniele 24 months ham, the Torta Profumo – cake perfume – of Trieste, and cold coffee 100% Arabica.   

The dinner show will start at 19:30 and tickets, costing 80 euros, can be purchased by writing to In case of bad weather, it will be held on 6 July.