(rfg) It was emitted by the Mistery of “Industries and Made in Italy” an ordinary post tamp from the series of “Italian artistic and cultural heritage” dedicated to the Arena di Verona Opera Festival, for the 100th edition, for the rate B zone 2 valued at 2.70 €. The print consists 350 thousand stamps. This post stamp is printed by both the Philographic institute and Zecca dello Stato S.p.A.  in gravure, on white paper with neutral patina non- fluorescent. The initial drawing was designed by Fondazione Arena di Verona and then optimized by Centro Filatelico of the Philographic institute and Zecca dello Stato S.p.A. 

The illustration represents a detail of the advertisement for the 100th edition of Arena di Verona Opera Festival showing a “gonghista” on the scene who is signaling to the public that the play is about to start. To complete the stamp are the writings “ARENA DI VERONA OPERA FESTIVAL”, “100° EDIZIONE” , “ITALIA” and the rate indication “ B zona 2”.

This post stamps and all the philatelic products, postcards, badges and illustrative bulletins will be available at Post Offices with a philatelic counter, at the “Spazio Filatelia” in Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Rome, Rome 1, Turin, Venice, Verona and on line at filatelia.poste.it.

For the occasion a philatelic folder was made in A4 dimensions, divided in three windows, it contains a sheet with around forty post stamps, a single stamp, a canceled and franked postcard, a first day cover and the explanatory bulletin all at the price of 30€.