Running for solidarity, a way to lighten the weight of a dramatic loss like that of a child through a moment of celebration and qualified psychological support. This is the noble purpose with which the first edition of the Corsa del sole – Sun Race -, an appointment between sport and solidarity scheduled for Saturday, June 22, with departure towards sunset.  

The Corsa Del Sole, a non-competitive social sports event, can be run by everyone. Adults and toddlers, runners and walkers, welcome four-legged buddies. Two pathways of 5 or 11 kilometers to stroll or run, in freedom.  

The event, organized by Core Aps and Vrm Team Asd, will take place at the Sorgenti Del Castello park in Castel d’Azzano, which will serve as both the event’s starting and ending point (meeting at 17 and departure at 18:30). A lovely opportunity to be immersed in nature, followed by a “third time” organized by AzzanoLive, with food stands and live music, for a moment of conviviality and sharing. 

The Corsa del Sole aims to turn the focus on the issue of parents who are facing a reality of pain after the loss of a child, and the crucial importance of psychological support. The Corsa del Sole wants to witness the closeness of an entire community, to bring to a reflection on this theme and on the opportunities that everyone must be present, discreetly, walking close to those who suffer, in a concrete and figurative sense.  

The proceeds of the event will be donated entirely to the project “traterraecielo_insieme”, a listening group for all parents who have lost a piece of heart, to approach even those who until now have not been able to benefit from qualified support, for economic reasons or the absence of suitable realities. The possibility of offering psychological support services, a reference point, a door to knock on, a hand extended with a smile of rebirth.