(rfg) From Emilia to Alto Adige by bike stopping in Verona, for a ride in company or to go to work. Today “Tutto bici” has been inaugurated at Verona’s train station of Porta Nuova, a new initiative active since early June which makes available to tourists, commuters and citizen nearly 900 bikes spots on train from and to Bologna, Trento, Bolzano and Brennero.

Verona is one of the stops for Trenitalia’s fast regional trains, equipped with an added carriage for the transport of 64 bikes per trip, totaling 896 bike spots per day in addition to the 6700 seats.

This new service will be spread increasingly throughout the month until all 20 trains (14 fast regionals and 6 regionals Verona – Bologna) which everyday travel between Bologna, Verona and Trentino- Alto Adige

“It’s a new very important service for a not only touristic eco-friendly mobility – said the commissioner Elisa De Berti (Veneto’s vice-president and commissioner to the Infrastrutture and to Trasporti) – from tomorrow on the railway Bologna-Brennero it will go from 90 bike spots to nearly 900. What Trenitalia and Regione Veneto did is an outstanding investment for which we’re thankful. A project that will benefit the city since the train passes through Verona Porta Nuova’s station. A service that modernizes the mobility of tourists and commuters that can now reach the cities or their jobs with their own bikes”.

At the inauguration took part the commissioner to the Transizione ecologica, Mobilità and Traffico Tommaso Ferrari, Elisa De Berti, the commissioner of Autonomous Province of Trento, Mattia Gottardi, the vice-president of the province of Bolzano and provincial commissioner Daniel Alfreider and the director of Direzione Regionale Veneto di Trenitalia Ivan Aggazio.