Veneto is getting 896 new bike racks on trains. Tuttobici is a cycling-focused project that reaffirms our region as a favored destination for holidaymakers on two wheels. All systems will be operational by the end of June. 

A year ago, in response to the growing demand for bike tourism in Northern Italy, Trenitalia (the major Italian business for the operation of passenger train transport, a state-run firm) launched Tuttobici project. 14 rapid regional trains running between Bologna, Verona, Bolzano, and the Brenner Pass, as well as six regular trains between Bologna, Verona, and Bolzano. Not only bikers, but also commuters, will benefit from hundreds of bike parking spaces. In fact, only the 14 regional fast trains feature 64 seats in a separate carriage to promote future travel

Another feature is the day ticket. In practice, the 3.50 euro extra for carrying the bicycle may be utilized as many times as you want during the day.   

This is a significant step forward for sustainable tourism. Until previously, there were 98 spaces for bicycles on regional trains linking Verona to other tourist destinations; with Tuttobici, that number has increased to 896, demonstrating the Veneto’s importance in an expanding sector. In short, Veneto’s 1,799 kilometers of railway tracks are intrinsically linked to 8,000 mapped bike circuits. For this reason, a fourth of the 25 thousand bike spots made available by Trenitalia throughout Italy were bound for Veneto.