Thursday nights at the Park Palazzo Giovanile in Bovolone are filled with comedy and fun. The theater festival “Il teatro vien di notte” – “The theater comes at night” – continues with “Amici i m’ha fregà la bici” – “Mates, they stole my bike” on Thursday, July 6th.     

The upcoming “Il teatro vien di notte” play will be produced by the Arte in Parte group on Thursday. It is the comedy Amici i mi ha fregà la bici, with two protagonists, Tito and Benito, dealing with a series of unusual meetings on a day that was meant to be spent outside. At 21:00, the two-act comedy will begin.  

Throughout July, the festival will accompany comedy fans. It started with The Princess Party Show and will conclude on Saturday, July 29 with the much-anticipated Oblivion.   

The program of “Il teatro vien di notte”  

Trapanoboss and Fave di Fuca are taking the stage on Thursday, July 13, when they will present Lo chiama Pearà, a reference to the traditional winter sauce made of grated bread, grana padano, and broth that fills Verona’s tables. And, like the sauce, the comedy will contain all the components needed to produce a Western, which will be expertly mixed by Father Brown, the priest of a tiny village.  All of this is matched by the saloon orchestra.   

On July 20 in Bovolone, the Shakkerati will attempt an unprecedented feat: condensing all of Shakespeare’s works into 90 minutes. And the company Fil de Fer will strive to do it through laughter, speed, comedy, and the most divergent theatrical techniques; a mash-up of components that will produce a comedy for Baldo fans as well as people who cannot stand him.   

The following week, The Vecia Scala of the Neverland company, directed by Enzo Bazzani and musically accompanied by Carlo Bertoni, will unveil what is in the old attic where Silvia and Andrea have never had the confidence to approach.  

The Oblivion marks the end of the 2023 programming. The five actors will perform “Cinque contro tutti” – “Five Against All” -, a bizarre conversation with people who have spent their entire lives pretending to be respectable artists. As a result, the public in Verona will be able to meet Graziana Borciani, Davide Calabrese, Francesca Folloni, Lorenzo Scuda, and Fabio Vagnarelli, the actors who rose to recognition in 2009 with the micro-musicals “I promessi sposi in 10 minuti” – “The betrothed in 10 minutes” on YouTube. Oblivion has since appeared in various television shows, including OnlyFun on La9 and Viva Rai Due, which have earned them popularity among both the public and critics.