After eleven years, a message in a bottle dated 9 August 2012 has surfaced from the waters of Lake Garda. It was found on the shore of one of the beaches of Malcesine, a town on the Veronese shore of the Benaco. It is handwritten and signed by Sabrina and Dennis, presumably a German couple from Hamburg.

A message in a bottle that augurs well for the lake

The missive delivered to the waters has a text that augurs well for the lives of the two authors and for the future of the lake: ‘Dear Lake Garda‘ it reads in German ‘with this message in a bottle we hope that our families, our friends and us will always remain happy and healthy. Dear Lake Garda, remain as beautiful and clear as you are today‘.

The Municipality of Malcesine, which released the message today, has launched an appeal to find Sabrina and Dennis to give them an experience to remember that will include overnight stay, food and wine experience, a panoramic trip on the Monte Baldo cable car, entrance to Scaliger Castle and an oil tasting by the Malcesine Olive Growers’ Consortium.

message in a bottle