Roberto Bolle will once again perform on the prestigious stage of the Arena di Verona. A night of classical and modern dance. The violinist Alessandro Quarta and other well-known stars of international ballet will perform together in Verona on Wednesday, July 19th, as part of the Roberto Bolle and Friends evening. 

Choreographies and music during the Roberto Bolle and friends show

The most anticipated Arenian evening, and not just for ballet lovers. International dancers with Roberto Bolle will captivate the audience with their stunning choreography and amazing pas de deux. The agenda includes the inescapable Romeo and Juliet, The Corsair, Don Quixote, and The Flames of Paris, but also Carmen Bizet’s choreography by Amedeo Amodio. The show will also see the already well-known “Info” by Wayne McGregor on Max Richter’s music, as well as conversations from Les Indomptés and the one created for the unpublished soundscapes from “I.” Modern and contemporary dance are well-balanced, catering to a varied audience.

Dancers from all over around the world

Ten dancers from the most prestigious ballet schools in the world, including Bakhtiyar Adamzhan, principal dancer of the Astana Opera, William Bracewell, Melissa Hamilton, and Yasmine Naghdi, principal dancers of the Royal Ballet in London, as well as António Casalinho, first soloist of the Bayerisches Staatsballett in Munich, will accompany the “Étoile of the Two Worlds” in the Festival’s rich program.

Tomorrow night, there will also be the highly anticipated Nicoletta Manni and Timofej Andrijashenko, the principal dancers of the Teatro alla Scala, who made the ballet world dream after their marriage proposal on the stage of the Arena di Verona last year, as well as Madoka Sugai, principal dancer of the Hamburg Ballet, International Guest Artist Toon Lobach, and Casia Vengoechea. 

As a soloist and composer, Alessandro Quarta will alternate in the opening and closing pieces of the night, beginning with Sphere, a brand-new composition by Mauro Bigonzetti, and ending with Astor Piazzolla’s notes choreographed by Massimiliano Volpini.