While Verona experiences a scorching heatwave, a few hours away from the scaligera city is Alta Badia, a town that has already started planning its end-of-season events. 

Alta Badia is the ideal destination for those who want to immerse themselves in the quiet of the mountains and its mountain huts. A haven for sports lovers too; offering a wide range of activities such as hiking and mountain biking to discover the breathtaking landscapes of the region. In September, when the plateau of Movimënt begins to show its autumn colours, Alta Badia is perfect for taking a break from the hustle and bustle of August. The season will come to an end on the 1st of October.

One of the typical products of Alta Badia

The end of the season’s events in Alta Badia

The events to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of autumn will start on September 17 with a day dedicated to sports, music, and culinary traditions to fully immerse in the spirit of the mountain. With the “Munt de Boè in Festa,” the huts from Corvara to the foot of the Sella group and Passo Campolong will come alive with live music and local cuisine to spread the traditions and celebrate the rich heritage of one of the most enchanting sites in South Tirol. 

In keeping with tradition, the Saus dl Altonn, or autumn flavours event will take place this year as well. For the occasion, all the mountain huts in Alta Badia will pair up with a local producer and a chef to create a special menu for the occasion. The undeniable protagonists will be cheeses, honey, organic meat, and alpine herbs, all paired with regional wines.  

On September 17, the Ütia Le Kräuterhof and the farm Barati will get the ball rolling with samples of the renowned mountain pine in combination with Alto Adige Doc wines. On September 18Ütia I Tablá will host a blind tasting of cheeses and wines conducted by the sommelier André Senor, as well as its renowned “la ciota,” the ricotta cheese from the Lüch Chi Prá farm. 

The Ütia Club Moritzino will host Lüch Arciara on September 23 in addition to a showcooking event honoring BIO dl lüch cern, or farm meat. Finally, on September 24,  the BIO eggs of Dolomitüs of Lü from Iun & Lü from Flo to Ütia de Bioch will not only be the heart of the menu but also the source of inspiration for a dedicated cooking course.