There will be a ton of fresh innovations during the 55th Isola della Scala Rice Fair, including improved road conditions and online reservations. To ensure that guests have a full experience under the sign of Vialone Nano, telematic checkouts, an international pavilion, and maximum accessibility have been included.

It has been one of the most important events for the entire Verona region for more than fifty years. The Isola della Scala Rice Fair is now the second-most significant single-product culinary event in Europe, just after Oktoberfest, as a result of the numbers growing exponentially over time. According to Roberto Venturi, the sole administrator of Ente Fiera di Isola della Scala, there are numerous novelties and reconfirmations.

What will the 2023 edition’s most significant new features be?

“We are relaunching in a big way with a truly innovative edition and many new features from a structural and technological point of view, such as, for example, the increase in the number of tills to avoid queues but also automatic cashiers, and finally the possibility of booking your place in the themed evenings with master risottari, Italian chefs, and international gourmet menus.

Increasingly close interactions with the consortia for the preservation of the Veronese and Veneto wines that will pair with the dishes each evening also contribute to quality growth. There will be a lot of events that will cover a wide spectrum and explore the “rice world,” in which the Veronese grain will be the star of traditional or unconventional combinations, such as the one with a typical drink from Japan.” 

An increasingly international fair, then.

“The second edition of Taste of Earth, the area dedicated to internationalization with exhibitors from all over the world who will present products, cultures, and flavors typical of their country, will take place from September 28 to the conclusion of the festival. India is a new participant this year. A program of initiatives, conferences, seminars, and gastronomic, cultural, and economic events will also cover many subjects with a special focus on sustainability, which is defined as attention to environmental effects and encouragement of healthy, sustainable, and high-quality food”.

What number of visitors are you anticipating, and what will satisfy you at that point?

“In 2022, the year of the post-pandemic resumption, we did not achieve the target we had recorded in 2019 of 500,000 guests and as many dishes administered. This was also due to the fact that there was one less week during the event. We will once again have 26 days of events and activities this year. The services will be of a high standard to guarantee our guests a positive visit; every aspect is in place for an unforgettable experience”.

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