From 25 April you have to pay a ticket to visit Venice (5 euros). An initiative of the lagoon municipality, designed to discourage ‘hit and run’ tourism, which had been in the air for some time and which, after much controversy, is now about to make its debut. It will begin with the spring bridges, and then continue with 29 dates in all: those of greatest attendance, coinciding with Italian national holidays.

The entrance ticket is due for all persons over the age of 14 who enter the city ‘by any vector’ (from train, car, ferry) from 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on one of the days included in the calendar drawn up by the Venice City Council, which currently stops at 14 July 2024: the period of time the administration has given itself to study the flows and possible criticalities of the measure. The ticket is only compulsory for day visits, therefore not for those who stay overnight in the ancient city. Those who enter the city without a ticket risk a fine of 50 to 300 euro.

The ticket, at least until 2024, is not due for those travelling to the smaller islands: Lido di Venezia (including Alberoni and Malamocco), Pellestrina, Murano, Burano, Torcello, Sant’Erasmo, Mazzorbo, Mazzorbetto, Vignole, S. Andrea, La certosa, S. Servolo, S. Clemente, Poveglia, Sacca Sessola. A ticket will not even be required to travel through Piazzale Roma, Tronchetto or the Maritime Station.

Also exempt from the entrance fee are all persons resident or born in the Municipality of Venice and minors under 14 years of age, as well as the disabled and their carers. Even those who reside in the Veneto region, those staying in accommodation facilities in the ancient city, as well as those who work or study in offices or institutes based in the ancient city of Venice, are not required to pay the entrance fee. But beware: these categories, in order to avoid the sanction, will have to apply for a special exemption by registering on the City of Venice portal, the same one from which tickets can be booked. Simply connect to the portal, select the date of the visit and the number of visitors, enter your data and pay by credit card or Paypal. You will then receive a Qr code to present to the authorities in case of controls. Also in all PuntoLis tobacconists throughout Italy, it will be possible to book and pay in advance for access to the city’s historic centre.

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