Verona Green Movie Land is preparing for the 2024 edition. There will be ten VGML-branded festivals, as well as many film events in partnership, throughout the year, with the purpose of educating solidarity ideals and reaffirming Verona as a sustainable movie destination. But in addition to green-themed films that will touch the entire Verona area, there will be many special projects that will feature, among various things, films on Pope Francis’, who will come to Verona on May 16, films on Shakespeare, films on the theme of immigration, and others that will tell the story of Verona wine.

Verona Green Movieland

Verona Green Movie Land festivals.

Ten festivals will make up the hectic agenda of VGML projects. Beginning with the Valpolicella Film Festival (May 18–25), the Film Festival della Lessinia (August 23–September 1), and the Legnago Film Festival (November 17–23). Also new this year is the festival in Sommacampagna (July 6–13), which will explore the highly delicate topic of artificial intelligence, including its possibilities, dangers, and tremendous energy consumption.

The Teodorico Film Festival (Aug. 10–15) is also planned for those who love music, and the inaugural edition of the Festival del Cinema di Impresa (Business Film Festival. Sept. 14–21) is set for people interested in learning about the business world behind the scenes. The Believe Film Festival (Oct. 24-27) then turns young people into protagonists, while the Cinelà Festival of African Cinema is a must-see for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the African continent, brimming with culture and heritage.

As a result, the festival will consist of a plethora of extremely current themes that will touch on various areas of Verona in the evenings under the banner of cinema.