Starting today in Verona an orange alert will go off due to the exceeding of concentration levels of fine particulate pollutants in the air that is affecting the entire Po Valley (where Verona is located). On Saturday 27, Sunday 28 and Monday 29 January included, a circulation from Municipality of Verona ban will be in force for all diesel cars up to euro 5 private, from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm. Stop also for petrol vehicles up to euro 2, commercial diesel vehicles up to euro 4 and euro 0 and euro 1 mopeds.

Car journeys between home and work. Traffic will be allowed, limited to the shortest home-work route, for workers who, due to distance or particular start and end times of their shifts, cannot use public transport. Furthermore, it will be possible to load and unload goods in the municipal area during the hours 8.30-11 a.m. and 3-5.30 p.m.

Green light for the circulation of bi-fuel vehicles, i.e. vehicles with LPG or methane systems, powered by both petrol and diesel, provided they use strictly LPG or methane gas for circulation; methane, LPG, electric, hybrid and petrol cars above Euro 2.

An exemption is also envisaged for vehicles of the disabled with a badge, and those used for emergency duties, including those of doctors on duty and veterinarians on urgent home visits.

Car-pooling allowed: there will be no restrictions if three people are on board for larger cars and two for two-seaters.
Caution. Prohibition to keep the engine running when parking and stopping for buses, cars and goods vehicles, also during loading and unloading.

No traffic restrictions on the following road sections:

  • Tangenziale Est (Eastern Ring Road) – from Via Valpantena at the Poiano junction to the junction towards the Verona Est motorway exit and the nearby Tangenziale Sud (Southern Ring Road).
  • Tangenziale Sud (Southern Ring Road) – from the junction at the Verona Est motorway exit to the Verona Nord exit. Motorway sections falling within municipal territory.
    In addition, there is also the possibility of circulation to reach the Verona Exhibition Centre, Stadium and Sports Hall, limited to routes to and from the nearest ring roads and motorway tollbooths, as well as the route from ring roads and motorways to camper van areas at Porta Palio and in Via Belfiore.