Events such as parades, masquerade parties, the eagerly awaited venerdì gnocolar, and the beloved gnocchi. One of the oldest carnivals in all of Italy takes place in Verona each year, lighting the city with confetti, music, and entertainment. During Eurocarnevale, the floats have already been unveiled and the masks have been crowned. They are now prepared to continue their mission to visit every neighborhood in Verona under the guidance of Papà del Gnoco. The most anticipated event of the month should be noted on your calendar: the parade that will bring together masked groups and allegorical floats from all across Italy to Verona.

The King Magnaron Parade in Montorio on Saturday, February 3 in the afternoon is the first scheduled event of the month. The Golosine and S. Lucia districts are taking the stage the next day, parading through the streets under music and confetti. From Thursday, February 8, through Sunday, February 11, there’s the must-have morning appointment at San Zeno Square with “Carnival makes us all children again.” As the most anticipated parade in the city draws near, masks from all over Italy are entering the Gran Guardia on Thursday at 6 p.m., along with the lighting of the floats in Piazza Bra.

The last Friday before Lent is known as venerdì Gnoccolar, a Veronese holiday that dates back around 500 years, and this year takes place on February 9, when the floats depart from Porta Nuova. The fun doesn’t stop with the parade, though. There will be a welcoming party for Prince Reboano and his court on Saturday, March 10, near the banks of the Adige River, where Papà del Gnoco will greet them.

On Sunday, March 11, there will be more carnival characters to meet in the downtown streets. Tomaso da Vico is bringing life to Castelvecchio and San Zeno with the customary historical cavalcade; Teodorico King is leading the “Domenica Caregota” parade; and the Count of the Liston is strolling across the Liston, the large sidewalk in Piazza Bra.

The Luni Pignatar event in the Santo Stefano district is set to serve the customary minestrone on Monday, February 12. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, February 13, Piazza Dante will be colored for the last night of the carnival. The last two events of February are the Renga party in Parona on Wednesday, February 14, and the afternoon gathering of Madonna Verona and the Verona masks at Piazza Erbe on Sunday, February 18.