The most downloaded mobility app globally also makes its way to Veneto. Uber Black, Van, and Taxi are now available in the cities of Venezia (Mestre), Vicenza, Padova, Treviso, Verona, and San Donà. The app has 150 million active users globally, and in 2023, even though the service was not yet functioning, it was opened in the region more than forty thousand times for ride requests, indicating Veneto people’s interest.

Uber Black: features of the service

Users of the Uber app can take advantage of a number of features, including the ability to split the cost of the ride, view the route of their ride, and get information about the driver and the car model. Additionally, the anonymization system allows drivers and passengers to communicate via phone or chat without disclosing their phone numbers. The Uber Black service, as well as the Uber Van, which has vehicles that can seat up to six people, are run by NCC (rental with driver) operators.

In addition, Uber Black offers its customers the elegance and comfort of black sedans, along with the option to pre-select their preferred methods of communication with the driver, what kind of luggage to bring, and interior temperature. And finally, new features have been added to the service, like Reserve, which allows you to book a ride up to 30 days in advance, and Guest Ride, which lets you book a car for a friend, family member, or acquaintance.

Uber and It Taxi: features of the service

Uber and IT Taxi inked an agreement in May 2022 that allows radio taxis and cooperative taxis to run cab services, respectively. To get a driver from the It Taxi platform, just choose the Taxi product and input your location straight from the Uber app to request a trip. The car’s arrival may then be tracked on the map, and you can wait at the pick-up location as soon as it gets close.

Making sure the trip data (driver, car model, and license plate number) correspond with what is displayed on the app is a crucial step before boarding. After arriving at the location, paying will be easy and done via the app. At last, the possibility to rate the journey and express one’s thoughts about the recently rendered service will be available. The following radiotaxis and cooperatives run taxi services in the several cities of Veneto: Serenissima Taxi Service SCRL in Padova, Radiotaxi in Vicenza, San Donà itTaxi, Cooperativa Mestre Taxi Soc. Coop in Vicenza.