Easter is approaching, and work opportunities are growing in Verona. Companies are looking to recruit 8,340 people, with the tourist industry accounting for 35% of the total (approximately 1,330). But, more than tourism, trade will have a significant influence on employment, with 1,550 anticipated entrants.

Other job openings include 890 in construction, 830 in personal services, and 830 in transportation, logistics, and warehousing. Overall, 69% of new recruits will be in the service sector, and 60% will be in commercial companies with less than 50 people. Seventy-four percent are seasonal or temporary workers, while the remaining twenty percent have either permanent or apprenticeship contracts. These figures come from the Italian Chamber of Commerce, which also states that 19% of companies in Verona are hiring.

Workers identikit

Thirty-three percent of applications are for young people under 30, and one in every four workers is an immigrant. In terms of job experience, 69% of companies prefer employees who have specialized professional expertise or have worked in the same industry. As regard education, 40% of the required profiles include a vocational diploma, 29% include high school, 20% require obligatory education, and just 11% require personnel with a college degree.