Roses under the thorns, which prick so much that they make life impossible for Afghan women. A country where, less than anywhere else in the world, women’s rights are trampled underfoot or even cancelled. This is particularly the case since 2021, with the return of the Taliban regime. Afghanistan is the only country in the world where women are not allowed to attend high school, drive, or work outside the home. There are no women in the government, no (more) aid centres where they can find refuge for even ‘daring’ to ask for a separation. Such a catastrophic picture, however, finds relief in the beauty of a gesture, of a flower, even thousands of kilometres away. Even in unusual situations, where one generally goes to relax, and which instead allows one to establish a connection with parallel forms of well-being. Enclosed in the beauty of a flower and a rediscovered smile. Thus opened in Verona at Aquardens, the largest thermal park in Italy, the photographic exhibition ‘Afghanistan: Roses under the Thorns’ by artist Oriane Zérah.

An eclectic, creative photographer whose shots tell the story of the country and its inhabitants’ relationship with nature and beauty. The exhibition, shots on caption panels, is open to the public in the lobby of the Thermal Centre until 17 March according to the park’s opening hoursHERE the Aquardens English site

In support of Afghanistan – the exhibition is also an opportunity to get to know the non-profit association ‘She Works for Peace ETS’, which is committed to promoting the education and economic inclusion of women in Afghanistan. Through innovative projects that combine economic inclusion, technical training and local participation, She Works for Peace ETS puts women and their skills back at the centre of the lives of their families and communities, promoting their role and positive impact.

Exhibition curator Selene Biffi; Aquardens General Manager, Federica Reani; moderator, Raffaella Dallarda