“Amphora Revolution” is the new project born from the collaboration between Merano WineFestival and Vinitaly, the first joint venture between the two organisations. An event of excellence not only aimed at bringing together a selection of the best amphora wines on a national level, but also at promoting and enhancing an old technology as an innovation; also in response to the challenges of sustainability and increasingly concrete climate change.

Fermented wine, aged and stored in clay amphorae, a practice that originated in Georgia 6,000-8,000 years ago, is experiencing a worldwide renaissance and now offers new opportunities for viticulture. According to proponents, the modern use of this technique allows slow micro-oxygenation, naturally controlled temperatures, pure expression of the fruit and softening of the acidity – or, if cooked at a very high temperature, preservation of the acidity. The amphora also offers an environmental and financial advantage, with a shelf life of decades if not centuries.

Scheduled to take place in Verona on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 June at the Gallerie Mercatali di Veronafiere, “Amphora Revolution” will unite producers, oenologists and opinion leaders in a scientific convention, symposium, round table and masterclass.

Vinitaly Theatre

On the occasion of Vinitaly 2024, from 14 to 17 April, the project will be officially presented through a masterclass conducted by The WineHunter, Helmuth Köcher with the aim of previewing the excellence of wines produced through the ancient technique of using terracotta jars.

Overview on Gallerie Mercatali in Verona