The gastroenteritis emergency in Torri del Benaco, located on Lake Garda, has been resolved. Citizens and tourists can now safely swim in the lake and drink tap water without health concerns.

The outbreak of severe gastroenteritis began on Thursday, June 27, due to the presence of Norovirus in the local water supply. In response, Torri’s mayor issued an ordinance prohibiting swimming in the lake and drinking tap water. Bottled water was distributed to residents, and special deliveries were made to elderly individuals.

Yet, tests conducted on Saturday, June 29, showed the absence of the virus in both the lake and the water supply. Further tests by the Food Hygiene and Nutrition Service (SIAN) of the Prevention Department of ULSS 9 Scaligera on Tuesday, July 2, reconfirmed that the water was safe. The chemical analysis of water samples from Torri del Benaco’s water network showed that all parameters were within regulatory limits.

With these results, the restrictions have been lifted, allowing residents and visitors to resume normal activities.