From the depths of the Sardinian sea to the open-air piazzas of Verona’s historic centre. Akènta Sub, from the Santa Maria La Palma winery in Alghero, is the official wine of Vinitaly and the City.

It is the first Vermentino di Sardegna Doc to be aged at a depth of 30-40 metres in the protected waters of the Porto Conte Regional Park in Alghero. Produced using the Charmat method, this submerged sparkling wine with its auspicious name (from ‘a chent’annos’, a Sardinian wish for long life) is the result of an experiment carried out in 2011. An experiment launched in 2011 by one of the most important wineries on the island, with 800 hectares under cultivation and a production of over 5 million bottles.

Underwater ageing makes this wine unique, thanks to the particular combination of pressure, temperature, lack of light and oxygen provided by the seabed. In addition, each bottle is designed by the sea, making it a unique collector’s item.ù

In addition to its unique flavour, Akènta Sub has another exclusive feature: its packaging. During its time at sea, the bottle is naturally encrusted by the phenomenon of fouling and the work of marine organisms, meticulous craftsmen of the sea, who create special designs on the bottle, giving each bottle an exceptional uniqueness, making it a unique collector’s item.