Jesusleny Gomes’ journey has come to an end in Verona. In 12 days, she drove her beloved Harley Davidson through all 21 Italian regions, 34 cities, and over 6083 kilometers. Her goal was to speak with local administrations about the experiences and issues people with disabilities face. She could not miss Lake Garda, which greeted the Brazilian entrepreneur, now adopted by Veneto, with open arms, with Federalberghi ready to collaborate on accessibility issues.

In less than two weeks, the biker toured the peninsula. She arrived at locations unannounced and asked local authorities to demonstrate accessibility needs that could suddenly arise. Jesusleny only stopped for two days because of a bike breakdown, another reason to experience the empathy of the biker world. One mechanic in Castellaneta, for example, even disassembled a part of one of his bikes to give it to Gomes to help her get back on the saddle, while another left at 5 a.m. and traveled more than 400 kilometers to bring her the missing part.

Federalberghi Lake Garda welcomes Jesusleny Gomes with open arms

The welcome on Lake Garda was warm too, but above all, another reason to discuss accessibility. In fact, Federalberghi Lago di Garda signed a letter of intent with Gomez to collaborate to ensure a superior tourism experience for all. Specifically, the organization promises to share the Vademecum that the rider created during her journey, with a focus on point 10, which deals with accessibility.

The guide also provides useful recommendations and accommodation tips. These include instructions on putting easier-to-open entrance doors to rooms for those with limited mobility. Other suggestions, on the other hand, address the layout of rooms, which require not just space around the bed but also that objects be at an easily accessible height in order to facilitate complete movement of visitors.