From the stars of the Veronese mountains to the red carpet of the Venice Lido. It’s a weekend of green, of celebrations and meetings for VGML, Verona Green Movie Land, the great Veronese project of cinema and sustainability, which closes historic festivals such as the FFDL, Film Festival della Lessinia, which lasts until Sunday 3rd September at Bosco Chiesanuova, in the Veronese hills, and where, on Saturday morning, the Lessinia Green Meeting and the Gastronomic Journey of typical Cimbrian Flavours will take place.

An aereal overview on Bosco Chiesanuova

The starred weekend of the Verona Green Movie Land begins on Saturday 2 September at 10.30 a.m. in the festival square of Bosco Chiesanuova with the Lessinia Green Meeting. An event open to the public that will explore the theme of holidays on the veronese mountains and its evolutions, one of the focal points of the 29th Film Festival della Lessinia. A collection of images, documents and testimonies, curated by Nadia Massella, one of the speakers, is open to the public to tell the story of the holiday resort and the phenomenon of “second homes” in Bosco Chiesanuova.

Festival stage inside Film Festival della Lessinia square

The second part of the morning continues with a food and wine journey through the flavours of Cimbri ancient population, led by Santo Valbusa, the cheesemaker from Bosco Chiesanuova, master of the typical gnochi sbatui, the gnocchi of the Veronese mountains. The tasting will take place at the La Casara malga in the picturesque Conca dei Parpari area and is open to all, subject to booking at and payment of the €25 participation fee. The long marathon will end on Saturday 2 September at 18:00 with the FFDL prize-giving ceremony at the Teatro Vittoria in Bosco Chiesanuova. VGML will award the Green Planet Movie Award and a prize of 1,000 euros to the best film on sustainable themes, presented by its president Renato Cremonesi.

Typical gnocchi sbatui

Verona Green Movie Land, in collaboration with the Veneto Film Commission, will return to the Venice Lido on the occasion of the 80th Venice International Film Festival to present the Verona Green Movie Awards to the Veronese cinemas that have most distinguished themselves for their commitment to the environment and to launch the final VGML Gala night, which will take place on 28 October 2023 at the Teatro Salieri in Legnago (province of Verona as well).