The 29th edition of the Lessinia Film Festival, dedicated to life, history, and traditions in mountainous regions around the world, will take place in Bosco Chiesanuova from August 25th to September 3rd. 

The festival will feature 90 films from 40 countries, forming the heart of a program that includes 122 events with 20 directors. This year’s program is the widest in its history, with an opening night on August 24th in the Church Square.

Niranjan Raj Bhetwal / Nepal / 2022 / 14 min 

History of the Lessinia Film Festival

This international film competition was initially created in 1995 by the Curatorium Cimbricum Veronense as a videographic showcase of the highlands in the Verona area. Over time, it expanded its focus to encompass mountains from all over the world.

After being held in Bosco Chiesanuova in 1995 and Erbezzo in 1996, the festival found its home from 1997 to 2006 in Cerro, where it established itself as an international film competition. Since 2007, the official venue has been Bosco Chiesanuova, with the Teatro Vittoria hosting the film screenings between the penultimate and last week of August. Since 1997, the Festival has been directed by filmmaker and author Alessandro Anderloni.

The 2023 edition of the Lessinia Film Festival begins with a romantic look at the European travelers of the early 20th century and their views of the Italian mountains. The festival then delves into current topics such as the impact of tourism and mass climate changes on highland territories.

In addition to the film screenings at the Teatro Vittoria, the festival offers literary presentations and roundtable discussions under the name “Parole Alte” (High Words). It also includes workshops, excursions, four exhibitions, concerts, and gastronomic offerings involving local producers. The festival remains committed to environmental themes, highlighted by its participation in the Verona Green Movie Land manifesto and project.

The preview of the Lessinia Film Festival features a selection of short films shot in vertical format in collaboration with the Vertical Movie Festival. The choice of a vertical perspective creates parallels with the verticality of the mountain environment. However, the main focus is on the festival’s themes, particularly environmental ones, presented in a new and potentially “explosive” cinematic form that primarily appeals to younger generations. 

The event will have Salvatore Marino, the festival’s artistic director, as a guest, whose sixth edition is taking place in Rome in October. Fabio Testi will also be an honored guest.

Marco Rossitti / Italy / 2023 / 74 min

A selection of 37 films will be available on the online platform

The Competition section includes 12 feature films and an equal number of short films competing for various awards: the ‘Lessinia d’Oro’ Award for the best overall film, the ‘Lessinia d’Argento’ Awards for the best feature film and best short film, the International Jury Prize, the Curatorium Cimbricum Veronese Prize for the best film by a young director, the Green Planet Movie Award for the best film in the green section, the Cassa Rurale Vallagarina Prize for the best film about the Alps, the MicroCosmo Prize by the jury of Verona Prison detainees, the Children’s Prize, and the Cantina Musella Audience Prize.

The Lessinia Film Festival’s commitment to bringing the most current and “necessary” mountain-related topics to the forefront is evident through the nine “Parole Alte” meetings, complemented by four roundtable discussions curated by Michele Zanini.

The CAI Veneto proposes a roundtable discussion on the impact of climate change on the Alps, the Curatorium Cimbricum Veronense focuses on the centenary of the birth and the tenth anniversary of the death of paleontologist Attilio Benetti, and the Order of Architects of Verona delves into vacation architecture in the mountains, exploring its history and possible evolutions in the context of eco-sustainability.

David Power / Germany, Italy, Romania / 2021 / 8 min