Tourism on Lake Garda reached positive numbers in September, and October is off to a great start. The Garda Veneto Tourism Observatory confirmed the results by examining data and performance indicators from 60 accommodation facilities in September, with a focus on the 92nd Grape and Wine Festival in Bardolino.

The average overnight stay is six nights and decreases at the end of the month. There are also great results in terms of occupancy, which is 85%, a little higher than in previous years. Furthermore, while the German representation fell compared to the same period in 2022, the Anglosaxon presence increased significantly, reaching 15%. Eastern European occupancy, on the other hand, remains unchanged from previous months. 

Increasing slightly, however, is the average price per room for an overall +8.5 euros over the month. Nevertheless, the average revenue over the entire Garda Veneto region remains in line with last year’s.

In general, the typical September tourist is someone affectionate to Garda who organizes his vacations well in advance and has different demands and needs compared to those visiting the lake during the “mass” vacation period. 

Grape Festival ups tourism on Lake Garda

The Grape Festival creates an average +3/4% increase in overall volume, with Bardolino serving as the epicenter. The average price per room, on the other hand, remains unchanged. However, the feelings of territorial associations and their presidents are strengthening.

tourism on Lake Garda