Verona University has signed a partnership with its counterpart in Ningbo, China’s Zhejiang province. This marks the beginning of a new international relationship with the goal of building a bridge to enhance collaboration and mobility options for professors, researchers, and students, among other things. Educational and research projects are also part of the program, as are combined academic and scientific projects. 

The new collaboration is the result of an initiative of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, led by Roberta Facchinetti. Nonetheless, it will include all university departments interested in expanding links with China.

Bridges between Verona and China

In fact, the Chinese language is one of Verona University’s strength. The Asian country touches on academic offers in all Verona departments, in addition to significant participation in Chinese language and culture courses. Lectures on business strategy to traditional acupuncture are among the possibilities in Verona. Furthermore, the university has previously established collaborations to allow students to go to China under the World Wide Study proposal.