You walk into the grocery store, fill your cart, and leave without having to scan everything. Italy’s first checkout-free supermarket opened its doors in Verona; branded Tuday Conad. The Trentino cooperative DAO has a 200-square-meter area in the historic center, with technology infrastructure provided by Nexi, Europe’s leader in PayTech. 

How the checkout-free supermarket works

Goodbye, checkout roller, and good-bye, cashiers. Customers can take the products they choose from the shelves and place them in their cart, bag, or anywhere they like in the new Veronese store. This is made practical by cameras and smart scales that can recognize everything a person selects without the use of bar code reading tools. 

After you have taken everything you require, you must proceed to the payment areas, where you may check that everything has been added to your virtual cart using the totems. To complete the transaction, simply scan the QR code created in the app under the exit totems and pay with a credit card or the “Tuday Take & Go” app.

checkout-free supermarket