In Verona, the Alert System is born: a free message service that alerts people in real time about weather emergencies. From the most recent flooding of the Adige River, which caused significant damage, to fires and dangerous weather events, the system will also inform people about the crucial updates that need to reach tourists and residents as soon as possible. 

How does the Alert System work?

The Alert System is a communication system managed by the Municipal Civil Defense under the Mayor of Verona’s authority. The municipality creates lists of phone users who can be geolocated to towns, neighborhoods, or streets after you sign up (link to register here). People in Verona may therefore be reached via message, voice call, landline, or the app. 

In fact, the project is aimed not just at citizens, but also at tourists, who will be able to geolocate themselves, for example, in their hotel, and receive information on their cell phones in the case of an emergency. The registration will require first name and surname , address, phone number, and email address, in addition to the option to unsubscribe, which is ideal for travelers visiting the city for a short period of time.