It is not autumn without pearà, a typical dish of Veronese tradition to be tasted with boiled meat, ‘the spectacular couple’ as the event’s claim goes. The 21st edition of the Fiera del bollito con la pearà e sapori d’autunno (Boiled meat with pearà and autumn flavours fair) in Isola della Scala, province of Verona, started yesterday to celebrate this must-taste dish (you will also find many alternatives, such as the classic risotto all’isolana or tagliatelle in broth and other autumn cuisine specialties) and will continue until 26th November. It is an appointment that is increasingly popular with the Veronese, but also with many curious tourists.

A moment from the openinig ceremony yesterday in Isola della Scala

The formula is wide-ranging, not only in the choice of dishes (HERE is the complete menu) but also in the complete experience that can be had in the spaces of the Isola della Scala fairground, where every evening there will be musical entertainment and events (some free, others with a paid ticket), one eye on solidarity and another on the setting with a starry sky above the diners’ tables. Concerts and meetings with personalities can be found HERE.