Christmas is soon to come, and along with markets and new installations, another must-see for Verona’s Christmas culture has returned: the exhibition Nativity Scenes from Around the World in Verona (Presepi dal mondo a Verona). The 39th edition of the exhibition will be held at Palazzo della Gran Guardia until January 14, 2024, with over 400 masterpieces collected from all over the world.

nativity scenese

It is both an exhibition and a show that uses light and shadow, sound and color, all accompanied by special effects that enhance each of the nativity scenes. The latter, in fact, come from all over the world and create a Guinness World Record exhibition. One will be able to understand how Christmas is conceived and how the nativity scene is experienced in different cultures thanks to the works that come from private collections as well as museums, master nativity scenes, and enthusiasts.

Hours and tickets for the Nativity Scenes exhibition

Through January 14th, the Nativity Scenes from the World in Verona exhibition will be open every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Adult tickets are available for 8 euros. Youngsters under six enter free of charge; ages six to twelve and seniors over sixty pay seven euros each. Groups (minimum of 20 individuals) pay 7 euros too. You can buy tickets on-site or make a reservation at LINK.