Local agri-food products are once again the stars of the 37th edition of the Festa del Riso co’ le Nose (Rice with Nuts Festival). Nogara (a Municipality of Verona) will welcome the best Veronese productions from August 24 to September 10, including Vialone nano IGP rice, the Veronese stortina, a typical Veronese sausage with Slow Food presidium, as well as cheeses, white or beef meats, and of course, the Verona wines.

In terms of wines, there will be 17 local labels in a wine shop located in the Via Sterzi technostructure. In addition to the wine shop, there will be seven kitchens, two pastry shops, an ice cream shop, and a bar, all in the former sports field that will host the Festa del Riso co’ le Nose. 

For food lovers, the Alpini will create many risottos and other delicious Italian dishes for the attendees to enjoy. Among them are the classics: risotto alla nogarese, co’ le nose (with nuts), co’ le nose e tartufo (with nuts and truffle), risotto al tastasal (rice with the typical Veronese meat), co’ saltarei, and risotto with ribs. A menu with over 50 distinct culinary options, including pizzas and fried food, as well as other traditional first and second courses, such as maccheroncini with duck ragout, gnocchi, and the stortina veronese, to name a few.

Music activities are also part of the Festa del Riso co’ le Nose

Along with the tastings, there will be several organized events, such as shows and live concerts, in which well-known artists will perform alongside new up-and-comers. The festival will begin on August 24 at 7:30 p.m. with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, followed by the “Drag Queens Show” at 9:30 p.m. Another event to look forward to is the Fluo Party on September 2. It’s an exclusive event in Veneto with one of the most popular DJs, Doctor M, from the legendary Milano club Alcatraz. 

Yesterday, Nogara Mayor Flavio Pasini, Nogara Eventi president Massimo Andreoli, and vice president Rodolfo Bonfante introduced the festival at Villa Raimondi, where they also discussed the September 11 evening, the earnings of which would be dedicated to charity.